Launchbase in HTML

Launchbase's HTML integration is the easiest way to integrate Launchbase into any website.
It works best for simple static sites.

1. Set up Launchbase

Include the code blow at the end of the body tag of your website. It's used to fetch and configure the launchbase integration.
<script async src=""></script>
window.launchbaseConfig = {
integrationKey: '{{integrationKey}}'
Please make sure to replace {{ integrationKey }} with your project's integration key, which can be found in the integration section of the Launchbase dashboard.

2. Configure a target button

Launchbase will automatically attach to one or more buttons marked with the data-launchbase attribute. When one of those buttons gets clicked, the Launchbase widget will pop up.
<button data-launchbase>Get Early Access</button>