Launchbase React SDK

The React SDK is a thin wrapper around the JavaScript SDK. It exposes a React hook.

1. Install Launchbase using NPM

Navigate to your project's folder and type one of the following commands.
npm install @launchbase/react
# or using yarn
yarn add @launchbase/react

2. Using Launchbase in React

import useLaunchbase, { setup } from '@launchbase/react'
let Component = () => {
let { open, close, toggle } = useLaunchbase({
// set up your Launchbase project
integrationKey: '{{integrationKey}}'
return (
<button onClick={open}>Open Launchbase</button>
<button onClick={close}>Close Launchbase</button>
<button onClick={toggle}>Toggle Launchbase</button>
Please make sure to replace {{ integrationKey }} with your project's integration key, which can be found in the integration section of the Launchbase dashboard.