A beautiful text editor in every new tab.

Steno is a canvas to jot down ideas and thought that's always there.

Full markdown support.

Steno fully supports markdown. Use standard GitHub flavored markdown to be hyper productive. You can even paste markdown.

Rich editing experience.

Steno's editor comes with all features you'd expect. Including rich formatting options and great performance.

Multidoc support.

Let's face it, one doc isn't enough. That's why Steno has support for multiple docs. You can create unlimited docs.

Powerful slash commands.

Type / at the start of a line to search or execute commands. They make formatting lines and inserting content super fast;

Synchronize across devices. Coming soon.

Using Steno Sync all of your docs will be synchronized across all of your devices instantly. You can even edit them on a website.

Install for free.
Be more productive.